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With billions killed by a global swarm of voodoo-hexed ghosts, New Orleans paranormal expert Tyson Lynche is the only person left alive who can put an end to the genocide.
Unfortunately, the fate of the future galactic alliance all rests on Gary’s very questionable ability to . . . boogie down.
My mind is not like Satoshi’s — it’s ordered, with perfect recall. That’s why he loves me, I think. But now they want to take me away from him, because I’m . . . different.
What if you could erase a single, traumatic memory by popping a pill? What if that memory contained evidence that could exonerate a wrongly-convicted man?

When you mess with the ego of a god, you’d better be prepared for the consequences.

When a bird brings beach-combing drifter Richard a powerful charm, he learns that choices can be a gift and a curse.

What happens if you die in your dreams? You wake up…hopefully. But how many times can you keep doing that before it destroys you?
A soldier aboard a generational cruiser must save a Martian colony from certain destruction. Unfortunately, it’s a job for a man with two arms.
Vern Charles lost his family to the Undeath. As a creator of fiction, trading stories for bullets is the only way he knows to survive in the post-zombie-apocalyspe economy.
With her cover blown, there’s only one option for Jean Mitchell, deep cover agent for the Association: become someone else entirely by trading bodies with another agent.
Is there any chance for Chance Bellamy to escape his otherworldly captors and find his new bride once again? Can the power of love bridge the unfathomable distances of space and time?
Avery Rush is on an expedition into the moon’s own version of the Bermuda Triangle, but the fantastic world on the other side may prove too much for this seasoned pilot who thought he’d seen it all.
Holly Gooding’s first major news story for Channel 8 News takes a turn for the weird when the guy she’s sent to interview — the only survivor a plane crash — happens to be a pirate.
Jack must face either the starvation of the lunar colony he leads, or the deadly terror threat posed by his former friend who’s extorting the government to keep the colony alive.
When Lillian’s eight-year-old son is abducted into the dark-magical Forest of Bann, she ventures in with her half-hexed staff and spell book, where she finds more than she bargained for.
Two untested military programmers are the last hope for the biggest offensive in a war fought by remote drones — but their greatest handicap may turn out to be a profound strength.
A reluctant vacation for two couples quickly devolves into a desperate life-and-death fight when one member of the party decides to cross a galactic crime lord.

Warning: this ebook file may be malicious. Or not. “Malicious” is such a value-laden word. At least give it a chance to explain itself, and you can decide for yourself…
A trip to the spaceport restroom for one chemical industry executive leads to a most unexpected encounter with a stealthy nemesis.
It was the vacation of a lifetime — the chance to experience a day in the life of a famous person from history — as a “hitchhiker” inside their mind. What could possibly go wrong?
Raife Crenshaw is tasked with taking down the world’s most powerful and brutal intellect: Cain, a lab-created monster of a man who’s poised to murder tens of millions.
Tragedy strikes top-rated TV show “Symphonic Idol” when one of the musical judges is found dead onstage — and everyone’s a suspect.
SpaceForce Corporal Nigel Halsted gets in way too deep when he gets recruited by a shadowy organization to help derail a treaty between two interstellar species.
Castaways trapped in the Devil’s Triangle are caught in an endless battle with horrible creatures that attack relentlessly — until the creatures find a way to invade Earth.
In a future legal system where your own memories are played on a screen for the jury to see, a professional creator of false memories has second thoughts about his career of unethical deeds.
Eli Yon thinks nothing of slipping through time, “correcting” history by making sure the right people die. That’s his job. But he may be starting to lose his edge.
When all the skeletons in Temperance Hall’s closet converge in a tragic car wreck, only her mind-reading chauffeur understands the full significance of this life-changing event.
A religious leader’s unprecedented trip through a wormhole to another dimension to retrieve a sacred tome could save his planet’s people — or perhaps doom them.
In the raw, terrifying world of a nuclear holocaust, one young woman has a life-altering experience that brings her face to face with the reality of her own existence.
What advice would you give your younger self? What if that advice destroyed your life? What if you could do it all again — only with greater challenges?
It seemed like a casual evening of drinks with my best friend . . . until things turned ugly. Find out how in this flash fiction with a twist.

Starting with a frantic rush to the hospital, this is the true story of a near-fatal experience that changed one family’s life and taught one man to truly count his blessings.
A courageous sacrifice for a noble cause? Or a craven suicide pact as part of a massive conspiracy? Believe what you want, but vote accordingly.
Caught in a sticky situation, an oft-misused starship underling concocts a way to make everyone pay — but him.


Seven short science fiction spy stories. Includes: Superthread, Switch, Aliens Don’t Dance, Project: Dreamer, Initiate, Edge of Human, and Royal Flush.
Five speculative short stories set on Earth’s moon. Includes: Dream Soldiers, Philatelist’s Gold, Old Wounds, OtherPlace, and Tag-Alongs.
Six short tales of murder. Includes: Ice Man, Quartet for Three, Remember, A Girl’s Best Friend, Philatelist’s Gold, and Dead Dames Tell No Tales (an epilogue to A Girl’s Best Friend).
Three short stories tied to a single place of pain. Beware the prowler. It will change your life. Includes: Coulda Shoulda Woulda, Prowler, and Liberation.
Four flash fiction stories. One of fear, one of sentience, one of love, and one of death. Includes: Unsettling Things, Cut, Hardtops, and The Bus.