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American TV viewers may choose the fate of Kaylie’s unborn baby, but only you can decide if you have the audacity to read this groundbreaking novel.

Experience a first-hand account of the man called to be the father of the Son of God in this work of inspirational historical fiction.
Some people live and die by their technology — some just die.
Retired bounty hunter Rufus Quince just can’t catch a break as he keeps getting sucked into doing one more job for the Lunar Collective Government.


eSleuth detectives Scott Faraday and Cat Blaine are back with a case that takes them on a wild and deadly ride.
Ammon Waters is on the verge of a stunning scientific breakthrough. He’s also on the verge of a breakdown — unable to distinguish reality from a pharmacological illusion.
If you could see the future, would you change it?
What are these strange forces that weave their way throughout our lives? Dr. Mark Walters believes he has the key — and his world is turned upside down when those forces begin to take over his life.
Kyle White is a wanted man, for living off the grid in a totally plugged-in world. As he tries to bring down the infrastructure responsible for his wife’s death, he has no idea who he can trust.
Joshua Gray may be the only person who can save the human race from utter destruction at the hands of an intractable alien enemy that claims a right of return to Earth.
A group of alien abductees reunite to protect Earth from a sinister and powerful threat decades in the making.
You can buy anything on the internet, but can that help Ashley overcome the darkness?

When a cruel alien species invades and enslaves Panlithia, can Aedlem’s faith in the mysterious Ghosts of the Sky help him lead his people to freedom once again?
As Program agent Ben Vincent falls into an intricate web of twisted reality, he must struggle to sort out truth from illusion, and determine if the love of his life is legitimate — or an elaborate trap.
A war waged through time. Deceit with a higher purpose. And the power of love. Could you pull the trigger?