It’s Tough Being a Secret Agent

The latest revelations regarding the huge Benghazi scandal, cover-up, and cover-up scandal in which the Obama Administration has embroiled itself should be deeply disturbing to any citizen, regardless of which “side of the political aisle” you may be on (if any). Each new piece of information gives greater meaning to the old adage, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”

Apparently, the nature of the CIA’s questionable activities at the time of the terrorist attack have necessitated the spy agency’s rigorous polygraph testing of its own agents in order to try to keep a lid on the ever-expanding pack of lies.

It must make it tough to be a spy these days. With all the twists and turns involved in the espionage business, it might be hard to know which way is up. Agents find themselves sandwiched between a hundred different layers of varying “gray” hues, with moral ambiguity at every turn.

Reminds me of what Nigel Halsted, the main character in my short story INITIATE had to face as he was first recruited to join a shadowy secret agent organization during the early decades of Earth’s first foray into interstellar politics.

Check the short story out and let me know what you think! You can pick it up at Amazon (Kindle) or Smashwords (Nook, iPad, Sony, Kobo, and everything else). Enjoy!

Click the cover image to purchase from Amazon
Click the cover image to purchase from Amazon