I used to live very close to the San Francisco International Airport, or SFO. I lived in Burlingame, Millbrae, San Bruno, and South San Francisco, among other Bay Area cities. In Millbrae, under certain weather conditions, the jets would fly right over our high school (Mills High School) during landing. In South S.F., we lived in an apartment that was so close to the airport take-off flight path, the aircraft would make the whole place rumble, freaking out our little cat. It felt like you could reach up and touch the landing gear.

As a kid, I had a few recurring dreams of looking down Adeline Drive toward the airport, and seeing a 747 come crashing straight down into the ground in slow motion – kind of like when the imperial star destroyer Executor crashed nose-first into the second death star in Return of the Jedi. It was one of the freakiest dreams I’ve ever had.

That’s why the video this week of a Korean 777 jet crashing at SFO gives me such awful chills. (Apologies for the audio portion.) Absolutely terrifying.

I had another scary experience with crashes just yesterday – only it wasn’t an aircraft. I came THIS close to being T-boned at high speed on my way to work. The car that almost hit me had run a red light as I was turning left (I had been stuck in the intersection and had to complete my turn, even though the light had changed). His tired screeched, I yelled out in fear, my heart pounded. That stuff really shakes you up. In 27 years of driving I have never been in a reportable auto accident (as a driver or passenger). I’m glad my record remains intact today!

My short story CONVERGENCE centers around a serious car crash, and the people involved – they way their lives are intertwined. It also involves mind-reading. It’s my first attempt at what I will call “slipstream” fiction.

You can pick it up at Amazon (Kindle) or Smashwords (Nook, iPad, Sony, Kobo, and everything else). Please let me know what you think of it!