6 Goals for the New Year

My goal for 2013 was to publish a blog post a week here at my website. Well, as of today, I can check that one off!

For 2014, I have the following 6 goals:

1) Publish CARRIER – the novella sequel to my 2011 novel ASSASSINWARE. This one is pretty much good to go; it just needs a reading by one of my First Readers, a cover, and a blurb.

2)¬†Publish a novella called DECEIVE THE PARADOX. This one’s almost ready, so this is a nice easy way to start off my goals and give myself momentum as the year gets started. Needs a read, a cover, and a blurb.

3) Finish the novel I started last year – it’s a collaboration with my friend Aaron Edson. Called THE FISHERMAN’S SON, I expect to get that wrapped up by April, then begin phase two: film adaptation!

4) Publish at least two short stories. I have a couple that are close to ready, so that should be easy.

5) Complete the first six episodes of THE IMMORTALS, an episodic story I believe would be ideal for BYU-TV.

6) Post my crazy serial graphic novel RISE OF THE CHYKYNS here at the website; at least get the first few of them up. (P.S. I need an artist for these!)

So, 2014 will be a great year for getting more products out to market.

What are YOUR goals for 2014?