11 Things To Do To Celebrate a Successful NaNoWriMo

I did it! I completed the NaNoWriMo! 50,346 words in one month. Wow.

It finished up a little weird. Rather than work on one piece, I ended up completing three.

I wrote the vast majority of the month on one novel project, but that finished up a couple of days ago, so I finished a novella yesterday, and then today managed to crank out the tail end of another novel that’s been sitting around for way too long (a sequel to AssassinWare). So, the great bonus is that I not only kickstarted my fiction writing, but I got three newly-completed products out of the deal.


So, how do I celebrate this sweet, sweet victory?

1. Post my success on Facebook.

2. Post my success on Twitter.

3. Post my success as this week’s blog post.

4. Enjoy all the LIKEs and COMMENTs I get on Facebook the rest of the evening.

5. Put away the laptop.

6. Stretch my legs.

7. Go grab me some yummy Thanksgiving leftovers – especially pie!

8. Go spend some time with my family, and thank them for their support these last 30 days!

9. Publish my work! (not today, though – I’ll work on that next month!)

10. Relax!

11. Sleep.

See ya!

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